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What is a check advance?

Well, these are short-term and small dollar loans that are meant to cover unexpected expenses that rise between paychecks. Say for instance, a utility bill arrives in your mailbox all of sudden, which must be paid within next two days. It is the middle of the month and there is still some time for your paycheck to arrive. What do you do to keep your house lighted? You have two options ask for it from a relative or a friend or depend on a check advance. Check advances or payday loans are safe and convenient way to meet unexpected and small expenses. These loans stretch usually for a fortnight and therefore have a high rate of interest. These should not be taken for bigger expenses.

How a check advance works?

The process is actually quite simple. You have to visit a payday lender. The lenders usually have physical stores and virtual presence as well. Some companies carry out business strictly online. They will ask you to provide your employment details, banking, and contact information. Some of them could ask you to submit contact information of a friend or a relative to call these references in case any anomaly crops up about loan repayment. Overall they would ensure if you have a steady job and the income is enough to repay the loan.


You will fill up a form that will take a few minutes. Some companies are quite swift to approve the loan within a few hours; other may take a day or two. If you get an approval you have to write a check to the lender for the amount you want to borrow; the lender will add the finance charge, or fee. In case of applying online you would sign over electronic access to you bank accounts to receive and repay the loan. You will receive the money on the same day of the approval if you visit an offline store.

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